The latest, non-invasive and safe procedures, paired with a comprehensive treatment plan incorporating home exercise and a healthy diet.

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With decades of experience, we guarantee you are in the greatest hands.



Each patient is carefully attended to in order to ensure maximum results and proper treatment.


Proven results

With over 20 years of experience and special attention to detail, our results are unprecedented.

MILD procedure

Dr. Nivens is a certified MILD Procedure Doctor. With a safety profile similar to an epidural steroid injection, MILD restores space in the spinal canal to improve back and leg pain. It has been performed on thousands of patients to provide lasting pain relief and increased mobility.

What our clients are saying

This is an amazing office I had gotten the runaround from my primary for weeks about the pain. I was in the office which was extremely busy but they somehow slipped me in and taken care of my problem. I highly recommend him.

- Crystabel

Charles J Nivens, M.D. has helped me get my life back. I've suffered from debilitating back pain for years and thought the only solution was pain medication or surgery. I tried injections in the past with little success, but I'm so thankful I came to Dr. Nivens, I finally feel like myself again!

- Jordan


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